Focus on beautiful products

Some reflections by Mills from our member company ustwo who recently participated at the Mobile Games Forum in London.

I was recently asked to give a talk at the . ustwo hasn’t released many games but we’re open about what we’ve learnt and we don’t shy away from our failures.

The Mobile Games forum offered a mix of fresh indie developers, ‘out of touch’ operators and evangelists of questionable products. The air was thick with desperation.

There’s a chasm between those that see mobile gaming as a last chance to make it, and those that get it – it’s a craft – users want quality products they can believe in.

Building a product around monetisation is not the answer.

Until relatively recently the mobile games industry has stagnated. Too many years of advertiser money talk, operator ownership and terrible handsets. But things are starting to change.

Game developers who are truly interested in creating immersive products finally have easy routes to market: the super simple Apple App Store and the ‘open’ Android Market.

I personally lost interest when the talk moved away from iOS and Android, or sales talk from operators, or talk of how to monetise your audience.

By the end of the event I was resolute that the focus has to be on making wonderful products, not making lots of money – and I hope the event can reflect that more in the future.