Media and art hand in hand

In this short film artists are arguing about the future of art. What struck me is that it’s the same technological trends we see in the media scope.

At Media Evolution we are keen on keeping track on what “visualization” is, what it can be and how it can be incorporated in new media products. Augmented reality, 3D mapping (both successfully used in the For the moment exhibition) and making visual sense of large amount of data are just some of the interesting things going on.

Much of what is said about the future of art is true to media as well. The technology available will have huge impact on both the future of art and the future of media. And as a reaction to all the technology, our physical reality and meetings with people will become even more important. That’s probably why virtual reality became augmented reality.

This film was shoot, edited and screened at the digital media festival Transmediale in Berlin by KS12.

[Via Olof Werngren, Superlativo]