Suggested Reading, week 12

Creating apps for kids to play with, making products available where the customer wants to be and crowdsourcing dull tasks. It”s our suggested reading this week.

Björn Jeffrey did a presentation (in Swedish) at the Webcoast unconference about creating game apps for kids. He goes thru which technologies is useful in tablets and phones and how kids like to play. Very interesting, not the least in the eyes of The Conference”s topic “Who”s Next”. No saying without doing, last week Toca Boca, the game studio Björn represent, released their two first apps for kids, and .

No, Facebook is not Killing Your Website. New user behavior is.
Thomas Baekdal writes about how we think about social media sites as drivers of traffic to our websites. That we see our own domain as the praised center of the universe. He has a good point in that we instead should make our products and services available where the customer wants it.
“If people prefer to follow you on Facebook, don”t try to get them to go somewhere else. Your Facebook strategy should never be about linking to your website, it should be about moving your product into Facebook.”

New York Times cover the Finnish crowdsourcing startup Microtask. The idea is to make dull work fun in online games and to split in up to enable for “the crowd” to do the job. Now it”s about digitizing hand written words from old archives or forms. But the company”s CEO believes that “in the long term, all human processes that can be standardized will be available as a cloud service”.