Suggested reading, week 13

This week the unconscious theme is people. The first link is about “the most typical person on earth” and how different we all are, the second hold examples of what we can great together and the final addresses the possibility of predicting outcomes of competitions where the winner is elected by the watchers by tracking buzz on social media.

7 Billion: Are You Typical?
The media futurist Gerd Leonard points us to this interesting film made by National Geographics. It”s about “the worlds most typical person”, a statistical survey that makes you think about your own life and our joint future. This is the first in series of films and articles National Geographic will post this year about humans on earth to note that by the end of 2011 you will be .

To look at and understand who we are producing media for is of course of great importance to us. Therefore we will address it at The Conference in August as one of the main topics, “Who”s Next?”.

10 things that have been crowdsourced in 2011
Crowdsourcing of different kinds continue to be an important element in media production. A TV ad for fruit drinks, the name of a new stock exchange, the cover design of magazine and a music video are some of the things that has been crowdsourced so far this year. Econsoltancy has listed ten projects to seek inspiration from.

Can social media predict the outcome?
The SEO specialist Simon Sunden writes about how we could have predicted the outcome of the the big Swedish music competition “Melodifestivalen”. The social media buzz around the competing artist before the final was almost identical to the final result.