Suggested reading, week 14

It’s week 14 and this is what we suggest you to read and watch: A thrilling augmented reality movie, life as a start up entrepreneur and learning on Facebook.

The first Interactive Film with Augmented Reality
This is a really cool example of how augmented reality technology can be used in media creation. The film The Witness is screened on your mobile phone when you are in the real settings. By going to different places in Berlin you are experience the movie where it happens.

What makes an entrepreneur rock? Clearing the unclear path.
Henriette Weber posted this TED talk on the ever interesting topic of the life as an entrepreneur. In this specific case Tara Hunt speaks about the life as a start up entrepreneur before the brilliance of your idea is shared by the rest of the world.

Facebook for learning?
Conventional learning and education in real life has been supplemented with digital tools and platforms for a while now. Alastair Creelman brings up the question whether or not it’s a good idea to use existing social platforms, such as Facebook, for learning purposes instead of adding a new ones for single purposes.

At Media Evolution we recently started using a closed Facebook group as our internal communication channel. We’ve tried several other tools the past year but there has never been as much conversation as there is now, on both professional and off topic questions. By the using platform everybody already was on increased the digital conversations with colleagues.

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