Suggested reading, week 15

This week you can understand our suggested reading without reading a word. They all come with a video. Take a look at a platform for lifelong learning, 3D without glasses on iPad and fixing whats broken on the web.

Skillshare: Decentralized Education for All
Maria Popova from the brilliant blog Brain Pickings directs us to a new platform for learning. It’s called Skill share and is a market place for people that is experts in a field to sell their knowledge to people that want to learn. The idea is to harness a life long learning and to lower the cost of education.

3D without glasses on the iPad
Tomas Baekdal writes about a new technology for generation a 3D experience on the iPad. By using the front facing camera the application is able to track your head and display the graphics in the right way. Still a prototype, but things are moving towards the third dimension.

Soundcloud Founders on Fixing Web’s ‘Broken Things’
Eliot van Buskirk at posted an inspiring video where the two founders of the music service Soundcloud gives a picture of why they are passionate about their company. To Alexander and Eric it’s about “fixing the broken things on the internet. And since their lives is all about music, they created a way to post, embedd and comment music in a beautiful and easy way.

  • Helen

    Väldigt roligt att se videon från SoundCloud-killarna (och sen upptäcka att det var en Adidas-reklam)!

    Har inte tänkt tidigare på att YouTube har en knapp som heter +Watch later, är det nytt? Smart i alla fall!

  • Martin Thörnkvist

    Ha, ja. Tänkte så också. Men å andra sida tycker jag bra är bra, även om man har Adidas-cash i ryggen. Finns en fin om Solde också:

    Ganska ny funktion tror jag. Skulle vilja kunna göra min Watch later-lisa lokal. De gånger man har tid med att kolla alla de där klippen är ju på flygplan osv… Brukar ladda ner med, men det är lite omständigt.

  • Anonymous

    Oj, vad fint att Solde är med! Tack för ytterligare tips!