“9 things I learnt making Diaspora”

Maxwell Salzberg from the much anticipated decentralized social network Diaspora spoke at Re:publica in Berlin last week. Diaspora got lots of attention last summer when they got $200.000 via the crowd in funding on Kickstarter.

Maxwell shared nine things they’ve learnt the last year:

1. Find something you love. Do that.
2. Start with simplest thing that works. Don’t be afraid to try something “dumb”.
3. Make stuff that reflects the world you want to live in.
4. You already know the best people you will ever meet.
5. Ideas are dime a dozen. Give one away and think of ten more. The second you tell something about an idea you get a new.
6. You don’t need an invitation to do disruptive things
7. Release early and often. If people call what you’re doing a toy, you are doing it right
8. Have fun doing whatever you’re doing (it shows if you are not). We would have done Diaspora without the money we got. “The way to make awesome stuff: don’t go out on fridatys night”.
9. Share the love! The by-product of what you do can inspire other people.

Bonus. 10. You can’t be afraid to fail…. It’s hard to fail when you are having fun.