Suggested reading, week 16

If last weeks suggested reading was a video special this weeks speciality is user behaviour. We suggest you read articles about the sharing economy, user customized products and …. oops, the third one is something completely different. If you own an iPad we suggest you to download VinylLove.

VinylLove for iPad Re-Creates That Warm Vinyl Record Sound for Your MP3s
VinylLove is an app for the iPad that let you browse the albums you have in like you used to do in record stores. You put them on be lifting the “pickup” and placing it on the “record”. Out comes music with a warm and raspy sound. It’s really beautifully and made by our member company Binary Peak in collaboration with Color Monkey.

The Sharing Economy
The trend of collaborative consumption and having access to stuff instead of owning them is still becoming stronger. Rachel Botsman, author of “What’s Mine Is Yours”, believes that “this could be as big as the Industrial Revolution in the way we think about ownership.” This article is a nice go thru of service that exist and some that are emerging.

Why User-Customized Products Are the Future of Business
Have you been longing for eating M&Ms with your favorite quote on? The time has come. Forrester believes that 2011 is the year of mass customization and lists a wide array of big brands that are letting their consumers customize their products.
If you want to try this out and also help a company get started you should help Sketchchair fund their “furniture designed by you” project.