Suggested Reading, week 17

Cory Doctorow discusses how we can pursue people to pay in the digtal era, Sony enters the tablet war, Anders Mildner writes about his experience of gamifing the everyday work in his family. It”s the seventeenths week of 2011. Wihoo.

The journalist and science fiction writer Cory Doctorow discusses “reasons you should spend money on digital files that you can get for free” in long article in. He writes about six key factors that stretches from “it”s the right thing” via “convenience” to “adding value”.

Up close with Sony”s S1/S2 tablets
Sony is getting in to the tablet war, announcing two at once where one has a dual screen. They will both have touch screens but has surprisingly not mentioned that much about that they will also be Playstation Certified just like Xperia Play from Sony Ericsson.

Den roliga jakten på dammråttorna
The journalist Anders Mildner read book and got inspired. McGonigal writes about using game mechanics to get things done in everyday life. One of the sites she mentions is Chore Wars that gamifies boring stuff as vacuum cleaning and doing laundry. Mildner tried it with his family and found out It works!