We are gamifying our new office building [part 1]

Media Evolution City is being built right now. We have a perfect view of the construction site from our current office. It’s very inspiring to see it’s daily evolution. In less than a year we’ll move in together with 400 people working with different fields within the media industries.

In March we released a publication about what gamification is, how it can be used and why it’s a good idea to use game mechanics on stuff that is not a game.

Since we want to live as we preach we figured it could be a good idea to try to gamify our future office space.

Workshop #1

Last week we held a workshop to brainstorm ideas around four themes, or needs that we want game mechanics to help fulfill:

  • Search and Find – it’s a big house, how do you find what you want?
  • Generate More Information- many companies and people will work in the building, how can we make it easy to keep everybody informed about what is going on
  • Clean and Tidy – there will be lot’s of shared spaces and flexible desks, how can we make the house self-cleaning
  • Increased Contact – Media Evolution City is all about creating a meeting place that happens 24/7, how do we make it fun to work and chat in the shared spaces
  • Here’s some of the ideas we came up with

    Search and Find

    • Geo cashing – treasure hunt
    • Secret compartments
    • Augmented reality – directions: office, restaurant etc
    • LED light to offices att different floors
    • Hidden space – find todays hidden space!

    Generate More

    • Availability check in point – I am here for a meeting, I am also available for…
    • In house crowdfunding – finance each others projects
    • Who brings most people to MEC – Badges for the most amount of guests

    Clean and tidy

    • Cleaning missons – make a quest for others to take care of your dirt
    • Clean Reward – give a reward to someone who keep it clean
    • Champions League of cleaning – clean teams and matchmaking in one
    • Big brother – a camera that monitors that you leave your table clean, compare before and after
    • Recycle – reuse, pass on the stuff that you don’t use anymore, earn points for leaving behind things that are picked up by others


    • Company pitches – as a reward for something. A leaderboard for some kind of gaming/activity gives you the possibility to have a speed speach at the reception.
    • Local building positioning – Foursquare in one building. More precise and in “3D”
    • Sit as many places as possible – tag the place where you have been, get points and to sit at special places you need credits
    • Real world snake – play the game of snake in reality. Don’t cross your tail for a day!
    • Media Evolution Runkeeper – be active in the house and move around

    Workshop #2

    This Thursday we’ll have a follow up workshop to further develop the ideas. It will be led by Gabe Zichermann from Gamification Co. Also, he will start the day by doing a presentation at the Nordic Game conference. If you want to attend the presentation (11.30) and/or participate in the workshop (13.00) send us an email at anmalan@mediaevolution.se.

    The following partcipated in the workshop: Kristina Björkman (Ozma, take a look at Kristinas notes), Martin Walfisz (Planeto), Yimin Qian (Ericsson Consumer Lab), Urban Nyblom (Ericsson Consumer Lab), Petronella Ljungh (Epsilon), Leif Svensson (Wihlborgs), Annie Windh (Wihlborgs), Frank Shuil (Qubulus), Johan Brissmyr (Popdevelop), Emilia Blom (Good old), Magnus Thure Nilsson (Media Evolution).