Moeed Ahmad, Al Jazeera [The Conference]

Al Jazeera is the TV Network based in Qatar that has become an important news reporter both to and from the Arab world.

Started in 1996, gained world wide attention after the September 11 attacks with its reports from inside The Afghan war and is now a leader in using the internet to generate news reports and empowering their community.

Moeed Ahmad is Head of New Media and a proponent of open source and empowering communities.

In January The Al Jazeera Transparency Unit was launched. A platform similar to Wikileaks with the objective “mobilize its audience – both in the Arab world and further afield – to submit all forms of content (documents, emails, photos, audio & video clips, as well as “story tips”) for editorial review.”

As a way to also share their material Al Jazeera started the Al Jazeera Creative Commons Repository. A site with videos for amateurs and professionals a like to share and edit. They started with footage from the Gaza strip but added material from the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt earlier this year.

Who’s Next?

We have invited Moeed to Media Evolution The Conference to hold a keynote presentation to kick off our topic ”Who’s Next?” and to talk about how he and his company is working with the crowd to generate news and also give insights on how the media market in the Middle East works.

The following break out session will feature crackdowns on consumer behavior in the Chinese media market, entrepreneurship and mobile payment in Africa, children’s play and how the youths identity is being formed online.


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