The worlds first Flattrable conference [The Conference]

The Conference will be the worlds first Flattrable conference! You will be able to Flattr sessions, speakers, exhibitors and the other particiapants that sign up.

Flattr is a micro payment service perfect for showing appreciation to people, sites and things in the world. There is no price tags on Flattr-things, rather users pay a monthly fee that is divided based on how many Flattr buttons they’ve clicked.

At The Conference you will be able to Flattr sessions and speakers directly thru the Flattr app and all other registered particpants via QR codes on their badge.

Likewise other participants will be able to Flattr you. Maybe you asked a good question, brought a new perspective to a conversation or made an introduction.

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To be able to Flattr and become Flattrable you need a Flattr account. If you don’t already have an account, create one here

Flattr is founded and based in Malmö and is a member of Media Evolution.