Britta Blomberg, Dansens hus Stockholm [The Conference]

Britta Blomberg
We know, Media Evolution The Conference (register now) got a stage where we put speakers. However, we also know that our participants are as interesting and have lots of ideas and experiences to share. Therefore we decided to ask some of them some questions to encourage you to talk to the other participants at the conference.

Hi, what do you do when you’re not participating in Media Evolution The Conference?
I’m working with marketing and communication at Dansens hus. My heart is in marketing, strategy and digital communication.

Why are you attending The Conference?
My main source of inspiration is development in general. I find the development in media in particular super exciting right now. Also, I expect to get new ideas and meet interesting people.

Who are you looking forward to meet?
The unpredictable aquaintances are often the most interesting.

Which session and speaker are most exited to attend?
All of them! But, ok. These seem extra interesting:
How to live a hyperconnected life… or do the complete opposite
A sneak peek of future media formats
Funding creativity with the crowd
New business opportunities with disruptive thinking

Final question, what media related has inspired you in the recent days?
#twitterjunta and

Name: Britta Blomberg
Company: Dansens hus Stockholm
Role at the company: Marketing Manager
Twitter: @brittablomma