How big is your market? [The Conference]

When I go home after conferences I always get the feeling that I didn’t do enough. That I didn’t meet all the people I wanted to and didn’t have time to ask all the questions I had in mind.

Inspired by the short film The Future of Art myself and Olof Werngren went to Sweden Social Web Camp to tap in to some of the participants ideas and make them shareable to a larger audience. In total we interviewed 15 people on three topics related to the upcoming Media Evolution The Conference.

Who’s next?

The first main topic of The Conference will be about who the media industries future audiences and what we need to know about them. We will discuss it in both a geographical and generational aspect.

In relation to the “Who’s Next?” topic we gathered five conference participants outside of Sjöstugan to ask them about how big they see their markets and which universal languages they use to communicate across borders and cultures:

In order of appearance: Björn Jeffery (CEO, Toca Boca), Emily May Green (Developer, Skriva På), Jonas Hombert (Former CEO Jaycut / now RIM), Martina Elm (Community Manager, Trip Birds) and Jonas Lejon (Serial Entrepreneur).

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