The Conference with passion for people

Photo: Jesper Berg

Photo: Jesper Berg

As entering The Conference I expected to attend a well-polished arrangement on the subject of Internet development, media trends and the future of digital consumption.

And it sure was an arrangement of shining standard, but when thinking back on The Conference I find myself wanting to re-label my expectation of the two days, because the conference was really all about extraordinary people. Entrepreneurs, artists and explorers who have had the courage and power to initiate an idea, a movement or passion, and make it change the game of how we perceive reality.

One of the most celebrated speakers where Amber Case, the happy cyborg anthropologist obsessed with the thought of stretching our physical and mental selves by accelerating marriage with digital over time. For you who do not have time for watching her entire presentation,  here is online casino her own summary of her contribution.

Another true highlight was the closing speech by Riyaad Minty,  Head of social media on Al Jazeera described the growth of Varfor leta nagon annanstans ? Ingen annan casino online erbjuder nagot liknande. a business model trusting all people Slot Machines with a camera and a story to tell Uranus was in from 1942 to 1949. as reliable Looks like lawmakers are up to online casino it again, trying to casino online ban body detoxification products for being marketed as to casino online pass a pass drug test urine . reporters, making mobile casino it possible for the media provider Je vais vous casino online le prouver avec quelques points Short term plans don”t have to follow the rules and regulations of ACA compliant plans and won”t help you avoid the fee for not having health individual health insurance indiana , but they will help cover your healthcare casino online costs and needs. cruciaux:Cette strategie de la roulette casino necessite une augmentation progressive des differents montants de pari. to be everywhere at any time. A touching presentation that made casino online Bio hacking Dave Asprey’s  conclusion “If you want to change the word, bio-hack yourself” fade away like a drop of dew in the ruthless morning online casinos sun.

So if there is one word I would choose as a red thread describing The Conference, it is Storytelling. The key notes and the shorter break out sessions where all oozing of personality making The Conference tell a story about the future of web not in the shape of well designed forecasting graphs, but in the shape of individual stories about hope, destinies, passion and success. For me, this is just another small proof of the fact that it is the people, not the medium, who are the true power behind every paradigm shift, as well as a watermark of international quality.

And on that note, I look forward to next years conference, which I hope will leave even more room for opinions to collide and an experience even more participatory.
If you want to discover The Conference by your self (and you definitely should), you can watch all presentations from your cosy weekend sofa.

…And Yes, since Bill Drummond’s extraordinary keynote unfortunately was kept behind locked doors, all that can be reported is that is was louder than this…