Watch and share the presentations [The Conference]

Media Evolution The Conference is over for this year. BUT the presentations live on in our video archive, on iTunes and on YouTube.

Video archive

All presentations, except Bill Drummond performance, is available in our neat video archive. Social Video did a great job editing them. Please, feel free to share them to colleagues and embed them in your blog. If you’re browsing this on a mobile device the videos is best watch in the mobile version of our video archive.


You can also get the presentations thru our podcast in iTunes store. Perfect if you want to download to your mobile device to watch on a plane.


We’ve uploaded a bunch of photos on our Facebook page and on Flickr.


We’ve already started to plan next years conference. To make that even better we would love to get you feedback on this year and suggestions for speakers, topics etc for 2012. Send us an email.

We are looking forward to invite you to the 2012 edition of The Conference, more new about that soon.

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