How do you want to see the movie format evolve?

This is the third movie in our series of interviews from Sweden Social Web Camp. The idea has been to tap in to some of the participants ideas and make them shareable to a larger audience.

In total we interviewed 15 people on three topics related to the Media Evolution The Conference. The first film we recorded was about how global media markets can be today in just one click, in the second we asked five people what their relationship status with technology was and how it’s changing. In this final video we asked some participants about movie formats.


To touch on the topic of “Creation” from The Conference, we ask about how movies are being watched and how we want movie formats to evolve to better fit our behavior:

In order of appearance: Maja Brisvall (Founder, Happy Sea), Martin Sandberg (Premium Manager, Spotify), Kinga Sandén (Foreign News Editor, Sydsvenskan), Linda Pierre (Concept Developer, Urban Lifestyle) and Olof Werngren (Director, Augmented Event).

Recorded at August 13th 2011 by Olof Werngren.