Build on others work [Publication]

Build on others work

Today we release our fifth publication. It’s about building media services and content on work that has already been done.

Download it as PDF and order a paper copy in our new shop. Also available in Swedish.

Use of open APIs and Creative Commons is constantly growing, which means that new services can be created more rapidly and less expensively.

To take a closer look at this trend, we asked contributors such as Kristina Alexanderson (Creative Commons Sweden) to write about where to find CC-licensed media and Johan Brissmyr (Popdevelop) to talk about how they build services on open APIs. In addition, Catherine Mulligan (University of Nottingham) writes about why it’s a good idea to share data even from a financial standpoint.


More than we can create – Martin Thörnkvist
APIs as marketing channel – Andreas Krohn
Here’s where you’ll find the media to build on – Kristina Alexanderson
Let others do the work – Johan Brissmyr
Why foursquare has an API – Naveen Selvadurai
From autumn vacation to bestselling book cover – Pelle Sten
The impact of open APIs on Economy and Society – Catherine Mulligan
Open the door and innovation rolls in – Christer Månsson
Hoist the sail and harness the new force of nature – Joakim Jardenberg

  • Olof

    Ajaj. Ett litet tyrkfel i titeln. “others’ work” ska det ju vara. Annars kan det lika gärna stå “Bygg på. Andra jobbar.” Vilket iofs är kul =)


    Related to this: You’re all welcome to join our seminar on Open Culture Production with Sanna Marttila from the Media Lab in Helsinki. We will talk share knowledge about open tools and open licenses and provide some best practices and tips how to use licenses in practice, but also have a more general discussion about the intellectual property issues and challenges that practitioners may face when using “open content”.