Ralph Simon on the future of location based services [XML]

X Media Lab Location Based Services is coming back to Malmö in November. We asked Ralph Simons on his thoughts about the future in LBS and what he would like to share to the participants of the conference the 25th of Novemberin the Caroli Church.

Ralph Simon, CEO Mobilium International, will speak at the conference and be a mentor in the lab. He is, among many things, Lady Gaga’s mobile strategist.

What do you think Location Based Services and position technology will bring to the world within 10 years?
LBS is going to play more of a role for mobile and wireless as “colloquial relevance” is a cardinal factor for subscribers and telcos. LBS helps telcos and wireless companies raise subscriber expectations of what their smartphone devices with pervasive connectivity and plentiful online content can do.

Sweden was recently nominated the most creative country in the world. What have you seen come out of Sweden that indicates that?
Swedish creativity has been characterised by successes that many might not be aware of. Abba”s global impact is well known – Swedish composer Max Martin was the songwriter that spawned and then sustained the careers of artists like Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys. Swedish design and design ergonomics further reflect Sweden”s creative flair and insight.

In software development, Sweden has also shown that Silicon Valley has a Nordic counterbalance – the city of Malmo has long been designing and growing cool mobile phone developments, products and platforms – in the Sony Ericsson operation there..

What is the most important piece of technology in your life?
Wi-fi connectivity, which allows the real time “connected humanity”

What mobile device(s) d you use?
Presently using a Blackberry Pearl, a Nokia N8 and N9, an iPad, wi-fi/wireless enabled motorcar.

What”s your favourite application?
Currently I really like www.turntable.fm – a great site and a creative way of bringing a new momentum to playlist sharing and curating. Also www.tunewiki.com, is a good site for song lyrics. I have also fallen in love with some great Portuguese technology and their app called SynchMe – a tool that allows large stadium audiences at music and sports events to be linked seamlessly without latency to allow for 60,000 stadium attendees” mobile phones to all be keyed in to light up in different but synchronized patterns and colours. Its a visual spectacle that is going to be in much demand at large scale night time events in the future.

What”s your ringtone?
London Calling by The Clash

Can you give us a quick preview of what you will be sharing with us when you come to Malmö in November?
I hope to talk about latest developments in mobile, in a world that has now seen 15bn downloads of apps. I will also be talking about what it takes to establish a global mobile plan, strategy and execution grid for Madonna – for her next album cycle and global touring plans for 2012/2013.

Anything else you”d like to add?
I am especially looking to see and meet new Swedish start-ups who have unique and innovative products and software – there is a great depth of creative wireless knowledge in Sweden, and Im sure that somewhere in Sverige there are some Angry Birds or similar original game constructs which could catch fire around the world – with some luck, effort and funding.

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