Hampus Jakobsson on the future of location based services [XML]

X Media Lab Location Based Services is coming back to Malmö in November. We asked Hampus Jakobsson on his thoughts about the future in LBS and what he would like to share to the participants of the conference the 25th of Novemberin the Caroli Church.

Hampus Jakobsson is M&A at RIM and an advisor and investor in the Scandinavian startup community.

What do you think Location Based Services and position technology will bring to the world within 10 years?
Context! There are a lot of services that could be improved with adding location as a context – where are you? Where are you relative to the service you want to use? Where are you relative to other people? Where were you yesterday? What people are you often around? How fast are you moving?

Sweden was recently nominated the most creative country in the world. How are you contributing to that?
Haha! I don’t know – I did start a technology and design company that was very openly contributing our ideas to the world, and we got acquired by one of the biggest device manufacturers in the world; RIM. Other than that I help startups.

What is the most important piece of technology in your life?
My mobile (always being in touch) + kindle (the technology to create focused thinking) + Google Reader (the technology to get an overview of what’s happening).

What mobile device(s) d you use?
Currently a Bold 9900, which I really like.

What’s your favourite application?
Email, calendar.

What’s your ringtone?
Standard, I don’t change that a lot.

Can you give us a quick preview of what you will be sharing with us when you come to Malmö in November?
I will try to give an outsiders view and a service design view on what location can add to services the coming 5-10 years in the consumer space.

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