Mike Dunphy on the future of Location based services [XML]

X Media Lab Location Based Services is coming back to Malmö in November. We asked Michael Dunphy on his thoughts about the future in LBS and what he would like to share to the participants of the conference the 25th of Novemberin the Caroli Church.

Michael Dunphy, Managing Director at MD Media Consulting, will speak at the conference and be a mentor in the lab. He worked with Manchester United and Liverpool FC’s mobile strategies.

What do you think Location Based Services and position technology will bring to the world within 10 years?
Location Technology will enable consumers around the world to transact more easily, safely and flexibly with retailers and service providers. It will also allow people to learn more and interact more deeply with the environment and people around them from both an historical and ‘here and now’ perspective.

What is the most important piece of technology in your life?
My iPod Touch, the best of mobile internet, apps and music but no phone bit to annoy me.

What mobile device(s) d you use?
Currently use HTC Desire

What’s your favourite application?

What’s your ringtone?
Father Ted “I hear your a racist Father?’

What experience/knowledge are you bringing with you to Malmö to share with us?
More than a decade’s experience in making money from mobile for brands and non-brands. From Location Based Services, through Games, Text, Video and Apps. 8 years experience in working with the some of the biggest sporting and football brands, bringing an insight into what they want to from mobile and how to deal with brands like these.

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