Annika Lidne on the future in Location Based Services [XML]

X Media Lab Location Based Services is coming back to Malmö in November. We asked Annika Lidne on her thoughts about the future in LBS and what she will share to the participants of the conference the 25th of November in the Caroli Church.

Annika Lidne is the founder and CEO of Disruptive Media.

What do you think Location Based Services and position technology will bring to the world within 10 years?
There will be a social revolution as we will discover new ways of finding new people around us. We can see if the hot person we spot at the bar share the same interests as we do, or that the person sitting next to me at a conference is actually an investor looking for companies just like ours. It might also make it easier to find the kid”s sneakers which she forgot in school.

Sweden was recently nominated the most creative country in the world. How are you contributing to that?
I”ve been bringing people together since 2007, first through the Disruptive Media Conferences and Stockholm Social Media Club which have spawned sister clubs all over the Casinot forbehaller sig ratten att bestamma efter eget gottfinnande vilka aktiviteter utgor ” inkorrekt spel ” for Bonus Spela igenom Krav andamal fran tid till tid och att undanhalla alla uttag dar inkorrekt spel har skett for att mota Bonus Spela igenom krav. country. Last year I also did a Disruptive Code conference. I”m somewhat engaged in the Swedish Drupal community and will be a part of MC DrupalCamp in Stockholm November 12th. I”m also engaged in general in the Swedish startup community, most recently through my new video project: and have been involved in GeekGirlMeetup to try to inspire more women to take an active part in tech.

I hope I also will raise the awareness of business evolution in the year to come through my new co-authored book project The Disruptive Leap ( as well as my video project (launched 28/11).

What is the most important piece of technology in your life?
The electric heating system in my house. It get”s bloody cold in winter around the Arctic circle! Or perhaps the electricity itself since the heating won”t work without it.

What mobile device(s) do you use?
iPhone and iPad.

What”s your favourite application?
Evernote, but I also love Dropbox, Boxcar, Runkeeper and Spotify.

What”s your ringtone?
Ringtone??? Don”t call me, tweet me! But, to answer your question: Something loud and plain the few times my phone isn”t on silent as it usually is. I really hate phone calls. They are intrusive unless you have agreed to a specific time and then I usually do them with video on Skype.

Can you give us a quick preview of what you will be sharing with us when you come to Malmö in November?
Swedes are in general weak in two areas: self confidence and marketing. My talk will center around business models, scaling, goals and the importance of creating relationships that will help you to get capital when you need it and a basis for marketing for testing and launch.

Anything else you”d like to add?
It will be awesome to be part of XML!

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