Trond Bugge on the future of mobile services! [XML]

X Media Lab Location Based Services is coming back to Malmö in November. We asked Trond Bugge on his thoughts about the future in LBS and what he will share to the participants of the conference the 25th of November in the Caroli Church.

Trond Bugge is combining his Future Strategist and Mobile Entrepreneur experience as management consultant for hire.

What do you think Location Based Services and position technology will bring to the world within 10 years?
“Location Based” is already starting to be and will definitively over the next 10 years be a standard component in most mobile services ranging from search (Google, Google +), Buying / Selling (eBay, SideSell), social networking applications (Facebook, Google +) to photo/video sharing services (Flickr, Color), Dating (Speedflirt, Grindr), Games (Red Robot, Shadow City), deals (Groupon, Rabble), ticket sales, marketing, etc.

Within Retail and marketing I believe many of the large retail chains, shopping malls or clusters of local retailers or come up with their own mobile deals and loyalty applications adding smarter LBS, including indoor positioning, smart augmented reality, NFC tags, etc. Exciting new sectors that will add to the list and most probable find huge use of LBS are productivity applications related to virtual assistants (Siri), Parking, Transport, Corporate Intranet, Market Research, etc

Sweden was recently nominated the most creative country in the world. How are you contributing to that?
I have been an active entrepreneur for 5-6 years launching new innovative concept within location-based search and social networking (, family locator (, location-based deals and loyalty applications ( and, location-based dating solution (, healthcare locator (, Mosque locator (MyMasjed).

Now assisting some of Sweden’s largest companies with Strategies and Solutions as Management Consultant for hire with IT and Management consultancy firm Connecta.

What is the most important piece of technology in your life?
That’s my iPhone

What mobile device(s) do you use?
I now have an iPhone 4S with my second favorite Siri. (First favorite is my daughter Siri)

What’s your favourite application?
Siri (if that count’s as a separate application) and Skype (for keeping dialogues running while walking, on the train, etc)

What’s your ringtone?
No idea – I just use the default Apple tone.

Can you give us a quick preview of what you will be sharing with us when you come to Malmö in November?
Hopefully some of my learnings on what has worked and not worked can help others. Otherwise one of my favorite themes now are the exciting opportunities of NFC.

Anything else you’d like to add?
The Mobile Future will come faster now….!!

Register to the conference here!

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