10 tips for improved internal communications

Jens Almgren is marketing manager and business developer at Stratiteq. The text is taken from our publication “Sharing is learning”, about how we generate knowledge together.

The Intranet — past and present — is the megaphone the management group uses to keep employees informed. Even though people in the marketing world have encouraged dialogue in relation to the market for decades.

This era, however, is finally over! Companies are finally beginning to realize that even the internal organization should be regarded as a market.

We have organized our experience on these issues into ten points to consider for your company’s internal communications strategy. We call it a digital workplace.


1. Transparency!
Feedback and dialogue encourage innovation and creativity in the organization. A company with open discussion promotes participation.

2. Collaboration is the very purpose
In addition to being able to interact transparently with each other, your employees should also be provided with tools that encourage effective collaboration.

3. Open space for dialogue
Email is a short-term form of dialogue with contents that does not reach the entire organization. To build structural capital, information should be exchanged in a work space to which everyone has access.

4. Encourage innovation and creativity
A company that is transparent, encourages dialogue, provides tools for collaboration and has structural capital readily available will increase innovation and creativity.

5. Build the internal brand
A thoughtfully planned and open digital workplace is the ideal forum in which to build and strengthen corporate culture and to internally build the company brand and values.


6. An irresistible home page
A successful storefront attracts customers into a store. The same applies to the home page. Base it on the needs and ordinary work day of the employee.

7. Comment, share & like
Giving employees the opportunity to comment on a news item, share horizon scanning and say what they think about the content is what social media is all about. It encourages dialogue and allows for transparency.

8. Filtering is the new “like”
All information should be accessible to everyone, but the employee must be able to choose what he or she needs to follow.

9. Maximum searchability
Think carefully about how to structure and tag information and documentation. It should be just as easy to find on the digital workplace as on Google.

10. Don’t forget the mobile units
Accessing digital workplace content by tablet and mobile phone should be just as natural as from the computer.

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