Power to the people

Markus Wiklander is founder and CEO of Emues.com. The text is taken from our publication “Access over ownership”, about the trend of wanting access to things instead of owning them.

We have built a platform where music fans can influence and develop the offering of live music, concerts, shows and clubs.

By fans suggesting concerts with artists on dates when venues are not booked for a function, we can match the desire for more gigs from artists with the spare capacity of venues, that is to say the evenings when venues are not booked. The service is built as a crowd funding model, if a proposed concert has sold the minimum number of tickets within a given time, the concert will go ahead.

It gives fans the opportunity to influence which artists have the chance to play, gives artists more gigs, and at the same time reduces the financial risks that concerts today put on venues. If the concert doesn’t happen, everyone gets their money back directly.

The challenge of changing behaviour

We work in close relationship with music venues, artists, agents and consumers to design and develop the service. We are currently operating in Sweden and Denmark. Our challenge lies in changing behaviour in the music industry, and for the people who want to experience music. One reaction I often come across is ”Can my friends and I really book a concert?”

But we see that fans throughout the world are not content to just consume. We want to be more involved than that. Creative people are posting projects on platforms like Kickstarter that become reality because there are people who are interested in contributing money and commitment in the early stages. That’s just how Emues works, except it’s for concerts and tours. Just like Lauren Anderson writes, we believe that the music niche raises commitment even more.

At the same time we see a great need from the industry for more live gigs. As music sales fall, the need for artists to get income from live shows has increased. Fees have not risen for most artists, instead they simply need to perform at more concerts.

Breathing life into the music industry

With the pressure we are seeing from artists and audiences nationally and internationally to participate in and influence on more concerts, I see no reason why music venues and arenas have to be empty one single day in a week.

To get concerts in more alternative environments, and even in faster, more flash mob-like ways, we are working with music venues such as public environments, industrial buildings and apartments.

With Emues we want to create new, open attitudes and exciting solutions within the music industry and boost creativity. Concerts are booked where the audience is! Our goal is to provide well-established artists with the opportunity to secure longer periods of more gigs globally. That upcoming artists can reach and play to their right audiences much more quickly. And that all of us who want to watch and experience music are able to influence who will play.