M-health is changing the game!

Before we leave Octobers theme Digital Health we like to connect it to Novembers Change the game with some thoughts from our friend Olof Jarlman, MD, PhD.

“Mobile Health (m-health) will change healthcare and the Öresund area has the potential to be in the lead! We have an interesting mixture of companies in related areas such as medical technology, ICT, mobile phone-, media- and game development. We have world leading pharmaceutical companies, well-recognized universities, science parks and a modern public healthcare. Member organizations like Medicon Valley Alliance, Media Evolution, Mobile Health Öresund and others are already steaming ahead into this interesting and fast growing market.

The development will be user driven where the interaction between information- and knowledge management systems and the healthcare professional will be one important key to success. This interaction will establish diagnosis faster, more accurate and more cost effective. Treatment will be monitored and adjusted to give patients a personal treatment over time. We will see a patient driven development with new demands for solutions that can offer a healthy and independent living, smart access to health care and new demands for knowledge sharing and education.

Content management and new methods for data mining with interactive and smart display, will add new services and products.

But most of all – the growing m-health market is global.
The solutions may be global but the delivery will be local.”

Olof Jarlman, MD, PhD
Founder of Mobile Health Öresund
Director of Lund University Program in Medical Informatics
Co-founder of Glocal Health Informatics AB


To round it up:

If you missed our breakfast in October on ‘Appar i hälso- och sjukvården’ you can see it here – in swedish!

Some very interesting innovative stories from the world of wellness.

And figures to back up the digital trend, 86% of online boomers used the internet for health research!

Adding all this up, there is obvious reasons why ‘Malmö yrk.es högskola’ have applied for an “Mobile Developer: Digital Health Care” curse to start here in Malmö/Lund by fall 2014.

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