Are you up for a game change?

This month’s theme at Media Evolution is about changing the game, and we’ve of course embraced this fully ourselves. Applying the knowings we have, to organizations and networks who themselves want to change the game.

We like to turn ideas and words into action, and we like to do things in new ways in order to change the game. Since we think things get better when we co-create, collaborative processes are our foundation. Making people connect and work together from different organisations, competences and sectors. This is how we’ve created Media Evolution City, the Conference and everything else we do. Working with our member community and networks to do great things.

To apply this way of working to others who want to change the game, we design and facilitate meetings and workshops. Collaborative processes that develop knowledge, ideas, products, projects and more. This month these processes we’ve lead for others, have been about business development of new coastal culture in Varberg/Halland, creating a platform for collaborative tourism development in the Malmö-Lund region, and writing a chapter on how collaboration enables innovation in an European book on “next practices” for Creative Industries development.

Here is why and how this has changed the game for Varberg, Malmö-Lund and Europe.

Innovation Camp in action

“Collaboration is a foundation of how we as a tourism organization want to work. That’s how we can give visitors a larger experience. Our work with Media Evolution gives us inspiration on how other sectors, industries and organizations use collaborative models to create competitive advantages!”
- Johan Hermansson, Director of Tourism, City of Malmö

”The process was perfectly designed for our need: a cross-sectorial inspiring meeting. We took a mental leap into the future and worked with unlike-minded people in a way that we normally don’t do. New ideas, lots of energy and personal relationships was born.”
- Anna Linton, project manager CRED, Alexanderssoninstitutet Campus Varberg

”If collaboration really is the path into the future of work, then Malmö-based media cluster Media Evolution has to be its example per excellence. So for our booksprint – the collaborative process of writing a book – it was crystal clear that we absolutely had to ask Emma Estborn, head of collaboration at Media Evolution, if she wanted to contribute with a chapter. Luckily she accepted and shared her insights and visions for the future of collaboration with us and our readers. Let’s hope they will spread and take over the world!”
- Noémie Causse, project manager and researcher, Creative Capital Conference (C2C), Berlin/Brandenburg

To learn more about working in collaborative ways with us, have a look here:

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