To create the first steps towards a video game-centric city

Sweden is among one of the most active countries in the field of video games and electronic entertainment.

Cities like Stockholm and Skövde are among the most well-known cities with heavy concentrations of mainstream and independent game companies, respectively. However, how does the city that hosts the biggest LAN event in the world, DreamHack, fare in this environment? Jönköping has the Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre which acts as the house of DreamHack twice a year and draws in thousands of eager fans of electronic sports and video games. However, even with such an important event taking place within its boundaries, Jönköping has little going on in regards to the video game industry.

When in Jönköping..
With that in mind, the Municipality of Jönköping created the project Best Gamer Job, led by Helena Nordström. Its initial purpose was to attract passionate video gamers savvy in the fields of business, public relations, marketing and much more. The chosen candidates, video gaming experts Erin Bower, from the UK, and Ronaldo Otto Bammann, from Germany, were then given various tasks in order to help Jönköping flourish into a more video game-centric city.

Their tasks include helping local companies solve their challenges through knowledge and examples given by the video game industry as well as gamification. Additionally, they are tasked with finding conventions and congresses globally that may be interested into using Jönköping as the host for their event. Finally, they also have the goal of dispelling outdated conceptions about the video game industry and its users, trying to convey that games, in many aspects, help people develop a multitude of skills and abilities while creating engagement for various activities.

With that in mind, it is an ambitious project with a short time of execution. However the important part is not to make immediate change, but to create the first steps in the right direction.

Ronaldo Otto Bamman & Erin Bower, gaming experts at Best Gamer Job.

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