Join Peter Sunde & 150 digital producers at Nordisk Panorama

Malmö based Short and Doc Film festival Nordisk Panorama invites digital producers to an open Transmedia meet-up on September 18, focusing on Virtual Reality and the future of storytelling.

Multimedia artist Oscar Raby opens with a key note speech on realism in Virtual Reality experiences. “If painting changed dramatically over the 20th century, what shall we ask from Virtual Reality, the shiny new toy of the post-screen media?”, Oscar asks.

Hacker/artist Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, best known for co-founding controversial The Pirate Bay, will end the event with a talk on the relationship between art, technology and politics – and what it means for the future. He will also give us a sneak peak of one of his new projects, one that aims to involve the whole wirld in discussions of moral and ethical issues.

Peer to peer sharing
The most important part of the meet-up is the producers’ peer-to-peer sessions, already fully booked, where Nordic producers from film, games and interactive projects will present ideas and best practices. You’re invited to listen, discuss and network. Refreshments will be served during the afternoon.

The event takes place at Panora, September 18, at 13:00. Seats are free, but limited. More information and registration at

Hacking the future of Storytelling
Nordisk Panorama also holds a hackathon over the weekend of September 19 – 20, where 40 storytellers and game developers will explore and prototype ideas.
The Hackathon is a closed event, but if you’re curious about what comes out of the event, we invite you to Panora for lunch and prototype presentations on Monday September 21st.

More information and registration at

Why do we need to innovate film formats?
Filmmakers are a creative and original force in our Nordic societies – but for Nordic stories to continue to reach audiences, we need to innovate formats and find new ways of engaging audiences.

Going digital has revolutionized the whole world. The way we do business, keep democracies in check and fall in love have changed radically the past 20 years. Sadly, filmmakers’ resistance to experiment with new platforms and services means that the industry only suffers the negative consequences of this revolution: Increased competition and crumbling business models.

In order to benefit from the vast amount of good news the revolution has brought: new ways of telling stories and new ways of reaching audiences, filmmakers need a grasp of new technical possibilities, ways of engaging users.

By inviting artists, storytellers and game developers to network and collaborate on prototyping, Nordisk Panorama wants to inspire producers to explore new formats and to learn from each other.

In 2015 we’re focusing on Virtual Reality as an exciting possibility for storytellers. As VR is on the brink of becoming mainstream, with the personal headsets due to arrive next year, one of the most exciting possibilities in this new field is for artists and storytellers to get in on the ground floor.

Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen, STRANGER, is the founder of Nordic Transmedia meet-up and the project manager of the NP meet-up and Hackathon. In 2015, the events are produced in collaboration with Copenhagen Game Collective, BoostHbg and Stpln,and are supported by Nordiska Kulturfonden, BoostHbg and Nordisk Panorama.